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TFB have the capability of delivering almost any kind of course, to almost any number of riders. We have vast experience working with groups of all sizes, with riders of all ages and skill levels and with lady’s/men’s groups only and of course, mixed groups as well.

As a guide, please find below, the standard formats that we are running at the moment and you are welcome to join in via one of these avenues. Beyond that, just contact TFB at your leisure & we will be more than happy to discuss any more specific options that you may require.

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Upcoming courses: Junior MTB

Level 1 (Pinners) in Wodonga

Beginners groups, 7 x 1.5 hrs, every Monday from 01/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW

Level 2 (Mega Pinners) in Wodonga

Semi – beginners groups, 7 x 2 hours, every Monday from 01/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Level 1 (Pinners) in Albury

Beginners groups 7 x 1.5 hrs, every Monday from 01/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Level 2 (Mega Pinners) in Albury

Semi-beginners groups, 7 x 2 hrs, every Monday from 01/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Junior course in Beechworth

8 x 2 hours, every Tuesday from 02/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Level 3 (Shredders) in Wodonga

Intermediate groups, 7 x 2 hrs, every Wednesday from 03/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Level 4 (Mega Shredders) in Wodonga

Advanced groups, 7 x 2 hrs, every Wednesday from 03/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Level 3 (Shredders) in Albury

Intermediate groups, 8 x 2 hrs, every Wednesday from 03/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Level 4 (Mega Shredders) in Albury

Advanced groups, 8 x 2 hrs, every Wednesday from 03/02/21 ~ BOOK NOW


Upcoming courses: Adult MTB

She Rides Confident in Wodonga

Adult ladies course, advanced skills, whatever we can fit into 4 weeks. Every second Thursday from 04/02/21. 4 x 2 hrs ~ BOOK NOW


He Rides alternating between Albury & Wodonga

Adult mens course, covering from basics to whatever we can fit into the course. Every second Thursday from 11/02/21. 4 x 2 hrs ~ BOOK NOW



Dirt Divas, Dirt Dudes & Dirt Devils at Falls Creek

Ladies & mens full day skills coaching. Juniors half day or full day options coached by one of the best MTB Instructors in Australia.

Includes bike set up, skills and drills coaching and guided riding.

2021 DATES: 30-31 January, 28 February, 3-4 April (Easter)

Dirt Divas Starter 

Mastering the basic MTB skills, such as ‘attack body position’, cornering & braking. Two group size options.

Book Now: Dirt Divas Starter 1 Day | Dirt Divas Starter 2 Day

Dirt Divas Confident

Covering skills by request of the participants.

Book Now: Dirt Divas Confident 1 Day | Dirt Divas Confident 2 Day

Dirt Dudes Confident

Covering skills by request of the participants.

Book Now: Dirt Dudes Confident 1 Day

Big Dirt Devils

An all day program available to riders age between 12 & 16 years.

Book Now: Big Dirt Devils 1 Day

Little Dirt Devils

A half day program available to riders age between 9 & 12 years.

Book Now: Little Dirt Devils Half Day

TFB helping our wildlife!

We’re proud to support Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter

Before Covid – 19 we experienced a devastating bush fire and drought. This Yackandandah based wildlife shelter is a non-profit organisation located in the middle of the MTB park. The dedicated volunteers are still looking after 5 koalas who were affected by the summer drought and one joey from the fire.

Find out more on the Kangaloola website!

Weekday courses

Our weekday courses are all run in the Albury Wodonga area & run during daylight savings – from early October until December & from early February until early April. One night a week for 8 weeks between 5.30 & 7.30 pm. One session is a Tech Night at Cycle Station Albury, where participants can master bike maintenance & repairs and ask any technical questions; while running wild in the workshop! Group size is small; 6 riders / 1 instructor ratio.

She Rides Starter

This course is for ladies who are just starting out.

She Rides Confident

For ladies who have ridden regularly for a little while.

He Rides

For the gentleman (all ages), run by a mature, male instructor.

Junior MTB

There have been some big changes in the structure of the junior courses. Previously, TFB had 3 different levels in the junior skills coaching, from now on it will be 5.

Level 1 Pinners: beginner. Mastering the cornerstones of MTB skills.

Level 2 Mega Pinners: semi-beginner. Covering more advanced skills but not ready yet for jumping, drop offs etc.

Level 3 Shredders: intermediate. Mastering pumping, jumping, drop offs, line choices, finer body positions.

Level 4 Mega Shredders: advanced. Occasionally racing, fine tuning the riding skills. Level 4 riders are strongly encouraged to take out a MTBA (Mountain Bike Australia) membership because it has an inbuilt insurance within it. For further info, please visit their website

Other change is the scheduling of the courses. From now on the Level 1 & Level 2 courses will ALWAYS being held on the Mondays. While Level 3 & Level 4 courses always on the Wednesdays. TFB has tried to make the after-school activity planning easier for the parents with this decision.

Double As (Advanced Adult)

For more advanced adult riders, who want to learn/develop jumping, manualing, and other advanced skills; such as tackling drop offs. TFB use purpose-build apparatus for these courses and borrows heavily from our Gravity Enduro & DHI racing experience. This course is only 4 weeks long.

Weekend courses

Weekend courses are mainly run outside of the Albury Wodonga area. We hold full day courses between 9 am & 3 pm at Yackandandah, Beechworth, Mt Beauty, Falls Creek & Wagga Wagga.

TFB are happy to travel to self–organized groups, beyond these locations as well.

Please contact us for dates and prices.

Private coaching

1 on 1 private coaching on weekdays between 9 am & 3 pm ~ $150 for 3 hours / $120 for 2 hours / $65 for 1 hour
1 on 1 private coaching on weekends and public holidays ~ $250 for 3 hours
Location is Albury – Wodonga. Non AW locations possible by arrangement.

View the current course guide and book online

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries that you may have around any of this information.
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